How Katie Janquart and her cousin Sarah ended up running a coffee shop in Door County during the winter of 2010. In the words of Katie Janquart:


My cousin Sarah and I moved up to Door County from Milwaukee in the spring to work for our friends at the Shoreline. We had both been working as massage therapists in the city and began to see that our hearts belong in a “wide open spaces” kind of environment. I began coming in to the gallery (Charlene’s Gallery in Gills Rock) all summer long for my java jolt, my internet fix and to be surround by amazing art and local characters.  Naturally I began to talk to the owners, found we had a lot in common and became fast friends. In the fall they asked me to come aboard as some extra help in the coffee shop and with that I fell head over heals for the entire package.

Separately my cousin Sarah, myself and the owners began to talk about the possibility of us running the shop and buying the property, what an amazing dream in the works!! One day I mentioned it to the owners and to both of our shock we had been discussing the same thing! Now my cousin and I are living in Door County full time. We own the coffee shop, live in the apartment in the building with hopes of owning both the shop and the gallery some day in the near future 🙂

We are currently taking a ten week business program to help us get funding and become even more educated on our new endeavor through the Door County Economic Development Center in Sturgeon Bay. We will be mentored by gallery owner Charlene over the next couple of years and we look forward to every step that our journey takes us on.

Next time you visit the High Point Inn, take a drive to Gills Rock and visit with Katie and Sarah, two of Door County’s newest entrepreneurs. The coffee shop will be open from 8AM until at least 5PM daily.