Here at High Point Inn we are ready for Cherry season. Near by there is a small cherry orchard and on the drive in today I noticed that they have turned a nice shade of red.

Door County is known for its cherries.  Near by is Seaquist Orchards, which actually processes 2/3 of Wisconsin’s cherries.   All over the county you can find various sizes of cherry orchards. 

Cherries can be purchased in many locations throughout the county, but one of the best ways to get your cherries is to pick them yourself.  Many farm markets offer this opportunity to get right in the orchard and pick out your own.  Of course, there are other ways to get your Door County cherries, mainly in the form of freshly baked pies and other baked goods. 

Come join us at High Point Inn while the picking is good!  You could even bake a fresh Door County cherry pie in your own suite!