There are many cases of deer sightings in Door County.  Many reside in the parks and you might even be able to spot a deer from one of our patios at High Point Inn.   Unfortunately a lot of these sightings occur when you are traveling on the road.

Just the other morning on my way to work I had a deer run out in front of my car.  Naturally this was not the first time that this has happened to me, since it is so common on the Door Peninsula.  What made this morning different was that following a bit behind the doe was a small fawn.  It ran out soon after the mom on legs that were still wobbly.  It was so adorable but it was also a reminder that even if a deer has already crossed the road in front of you, there will most likely be another one coming.

On the up side, this is the time of year when there are quite a few fawns around the county, especially in the parks.  It is a great time to take the family on a bike ride or a hike in Peninsula State Park and keep your eyes peeled for those does and their fawns!

High Point Inn is just a short drive from parks and many other activities.  We invite you to come join us, just watch for deer on the drive to the peninsula!