The weekend is fast approaching and the weather has been beautiful!  The sun has been shining on the Door Peninsula revealing all the beautiful new colors and shimmering on the waters of Lake Michigan.  It looks like this should continue into the weekend, which will be great for Pumpkin Patch in Egg Harbor!

Egg Harbor will have plenty of events for the whole family.  It is the perfect time to get your fall treats and to take in the fall air.  Once you’ve had enough of the crowds you can then tour some of the scenic back roads and travel to the northern part of the peninsula to take it all in.

If you are joining us in Door County for this beautiful weekend make sure to bring layers!  The days have been nice and warm in the sun but the cool fall air still takes over at night.  At High Point Inn we are excited for the weekend, we have the apple cider hot and the apples fresh from the orchard!