Even with the recent snow fall here in Door County there are still hints of spring all over the peninsula.  One of these reminders of spring is the birds that have returned.  In the morning you can hear the blend of bird songs and see them flying between trees. 

Birding in Door County can be a year round activity but starting in the spring and through the summer there are many varieties of birds to be seen.  One great place to visit and bring the family to learn and see more is Peninsula State Park.  This park features a great nature program that includes guided hikes and the White Cedar Nature Center.   On April 16th there is a specific hike that will be spent looking for certain species at Weborg Marsh.  There are also other great State Parks to choose from for making your own birding experience. 

I personally recommend visiting as many parks as you can and also taking a scenic drive along the many Door County back roads.  You never know what you might see!  Lately I have had a very beautiful cardinal visiting my feeder in-between the many loyal chickadees that stayed through the winter. 

Come join us this spring at High Point Inn!  You can even sit and look for birds (or just find some peace and quiet) on your own private patio.