Detail of "Zebra Book" copyright b.Basch

On Sunday, July 17 from 2-6PM the Martinez Studio on Hwy. 57 south of Jacksonport will host an opening for artist Bruce Basch. The show is titled Pieces for the Puzzle. Basch’s work borrows from the visual language of Robert Rauscheberg and Jasper Johns and includes eclectic use of found objects as well as the collage format with a folk art twist. Chances are you have seen his work in restaurants around the county. It is intriguing from a visual standpoint as well as intellectually satisfying.

The Martinez Studio is home to contemporary tapestry by Wence Martinez and symbolic paintings on paper by Sandra Martinez. Their studio is open daily May through October from 10-5.  Call 920-823-2154 with questions.

And after a day filled with art there is nothing better than relaxing on your private deck or patio at the High Point Inn with a bottle of wine and some snacks, immersed in a discussion of the work of Bruce Basch. Call us today to make your reservation. Toll Free: 800-595-6894 or 920-854-9773.