On Saturday, May 26 our High Point Inn neighbor – Ephraim’s  Fine Line Designs Gallery will open their 2012 season with a variety of work by 4 artists. There will be wine and snacks and lots of good company. Here is a description of the work from their website:

Paul Klein’s “sculptural lighting” features locally gathered wood, stone, and are topped with his own handmade paper shades. A Wisconsin native and self-taught artist, Klein believes that nature’s treasures – or “local exotics,” as he calls them – can be found everywhere, and he enjoys the spontaneity of finding objects in nature and incorporating them into one of his intricate pieces.

Mixed media artist Ed Lazzeroni uses metal as a canvas to create two- and three-dimensional artworks. An industrial designer before becoming an artist, Lazzeroni came to love and appreciate the malleability and reflectivity of metal – and began altering it in any way possible. He also works with acrylic paint and over time finds that his fascination with paint is identical to the one he feels with metal.

Working almost exclusively with acrylic paints after three decades of painting with watercolors, artist Richard Patt paints one of the “most precious realities” in his life, which is the Wisconsin landscape. He uses large, dramatic formats to convey his work – some of it almost photographic, but most ripe with the texture of the gritty, aging surfaces like stone or barnsides. Patt says he’ll use any method of painting that he needs to as long as the character of the rural landscape is felt or understood.

Oil painter Ken Bronikowski says he tries to be “very honest” in his art, concentrating on draftsmanship, edges, temperature, and color. He often works in a limited palette of four colors in his portrait and landscape work, allowing himself to remain aware of temperature changes in each piece. Many of his oil studies are painted alla prima – meaning on location, direct and without little preliminary sketching, and finished in one painting session.

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