The amazing photography of Heather and Lucas Frykman

Just down the road from the High Point Inn on Highway 42 is the Frykman Gallery. Originally started by David Frykman as a showcase for his whimsical carved Santa Claus figures, David’s son Lucas and his wife Heather Harle Frykman have added their nature photography to the mix. And if you stop by the show whose opening reception is Saturday, September 22 and Sunday, September 23 you will be in for a big surprise!

Heather and Luke’s show titled “Night Sky Photography” features some of the most beautiful Milky Way, Northern Light images you will ever see. From their press release:

The event will showcase new night sky photography by Lucas and Heather Frykman. This collection, shot over the last few years, includes photos of the Northern Lights over the harbors of Northern Door County and wide-field Milky Way landscapes from around the peninsula. Astrophotography has been a passion of Lucas’s in particular, but he has seldom shown his nighttime work until now.

The opening will take place from 10-5PM Saturday and Sunday and will feature refreshments as well as a drawing for artwork. Heather and Lucas will be there. Any questions? If so you may call 920-854-7351. To view the images click here. The photos look amazing on the computer screen, but art is really meant to be enjoyed in person!

Make sure you make your reservation for a little fall star gazing. Call the High Point Inn at 920-854-9773 to reserve your suite. Or email