At the High Point Inn we love all the Wisconsin State Parks located in Door County. But our favorite of all is what we consider the jewel in our state park system – Peninsula State Park. So today we have some suggestions  for the coming year on things you should be sure to do in this beautiful, nearby, natural attraction.

For starters, order this book: The Nature of Peninsula: A Park Ecology Sampler. This book has been published by The Friends of Peninsula State Park. The cost of the book is $10.00 by mail order or $7.50 at the park office. Check out this description from the Friends website:

The 90-page book, with color photographs, features essays by field specialists including Roy and Charlotte Lukes, Scott Craven, Tom Blackwood, and several DNR staff. After recouping printing costs, remaining proceeds will be reinvested into future Peninsula educational publications.

Topics vary from bats and white-nose syndrome, to fireflies, to wildflowers. “In recent years, several people authored books about park history,” said Kathleen Harris, Peninsula State Park Naturalist.  ”This is the first title ever to focus exclusively on Peninsula’s natural heritage. Peninsula protects Wisconsin’s largest contiguous tract of the Niagara Escarpment. It includes two state natural areas and eight miles of mostly undeveloped shore. Helping visitors and decision-makers understand that the park is irreplaceable is the purpose of this publication.”


Next, make a 2013 resolution to hike the trails in the middle of the park property. Lots of people are drawn to the shoreline portions of the park and to the tower of course, but a hike through the middle of the park gives you a real feeling of nature in the midst of this dense wooded area. Stand still and silent while you are on your hike and you will hear the sound of wildlife around you. The singing birds, the chirping squirrels and the sound of the trees as they creak in the wind reminds us of the importance of conserving this gorgeous, natural area for generations to come.

Lastly, don’t keep the secret of Peninsula State Park to yourself, share it with someone you love. Write about it. Snap some awesome photos. Blog about it. Paint a picture. And share this absolute natural jewel with friends, family and the world!

And before you make your 2013 trip to Door County to visit this incredible park, contact the friendly folks at the High Point Inn in Ephraim to make your “suite” reservation. Call us at 800-595-6894 or at 920-854-9773.
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